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A Personal Game-Changing Story My game changer started five years ago back in 2016 when I realized that it was by God's grace, he allowed me to survive two major surgeries and two car accidents all within six months. What I learned is how precious life can be even though it dealt me a bad hand. Yet, I'm thankful I've been given another chance to play the game. This time I plan to leave no stone unturned on my journey to leap higher, dream bigger, and stretch my wings and fly.

People ask me all the time what are some of the things I do to keep my health intact. I tell them for one it takes some work, and two it's important to learn how to keep it simple. In fact, simplicity is the key no matter what health and or wellness challenge you might be facing. As you know life can be a challenge within itself! Like I said in the last few videos, yet what's important is you have the rights tools to help you "Get