Television Host Joey L. Dowdy says to "Reach Beyond Your Limits!"
Famed Joey L. Dowdy​
"SET THE BAR HIGH; NOW ENJOY THE VIEW "                          

"I believe Life Is A Dance within itself, there 's a forward step, a side step, a back step, steps of confusion that make you spin around; and in the mist of all its mayhem there are steps designed to help you Make Your Quantum Leap!"

"As a kid when I first started working in the entertainment industry my dream was to become a professional performer. So I achieved it, and still to this day I'm thankful, and I love it! However, when I became an adult and looked back at my humble beginnings, what I realized was this. It was because I used those talents “The Great Devine”  decided to bless me with others. And now I invite you to take a look at the results, my OFFICIAL BIO."                                                                                                      

JOEY L. DOWDY is a multitalented International Choreographer, Host, Performer, Speaker, Master Teacher, Coach, Artistic Director, Producer, Writer, Fitness Motivator, and founder of “World Dance Groove.” Joey’s World Dance Groove specializes in Dance, Fitness, and inspirational entertainment that features an array of outlets, everything from Groovy Informative & Empowering instructional Dance/Fitness DVDs to colorful and insightful blog posts, fiery stage performances, and spectacular television appearances.

He is the author of several inspirational books such as “Sweat 2 Success” and “Step Into Greatness! Perform!” This is his latest critically acclaimed title, yet the first from his Motivational Movement Techniques Series entitled, “Get UP & Groove!” It also features “Strut! In Six Inch Heels!” a fascinating story that landed him a spot on the cover (August 2014) of Los Angeles’ prestigious “Working World Magazine.”

His “Groove is Gonna Get Cha!” how-to dance fitness program has been featured on Television’s ABC-7, K-TLA, FOX, NBC & QTN. Joey's claim to fame is his position as the original choreographer for boy bands such as The Backstreet Boys ( top-selling pop group), Take Five, The California Boys and The United Nations all-male Dance crew. He has also trained extensively with the Joffrey 2 Ballet, Tennessee Ballet, and is a graduate of world-renowned Point Park University. He is an alumnus of Disney's Epcot Center World Dancers.


Joey L. Dowdy " Encourages Audiences World-Wide to "Leaps For Joy!"
Joey L. Dowdy's "Soul Talks" Inspire People to "Stand On Their Feet & Groove to The Beat!"

 Remember: The Discipline, Patience, Hard Work, Sacrifice, and Consistency Will Pay Off!

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