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Get Up & Groove!: Step Into Greatness! Perform!” It is truly an moving book that's written in the creative, imaginative, and insightful voice of narrator Joey L. Dowdy. All chapters are short and easy to read; in addition to that are also followed by some great self-help take- aways. It's here you'll find "dancespiration that meets transformation.
True stories about real people who took the step, and made the change, that led them to them transform their lives. So, if you’re looking for a “Groove to Improve” your very own life this book leads the way to infectious inspiration that will make you, “Get Up Out of Your Seat and Start Grooving On Your Feet!”

Here Are A Few Chapter Excerpts

Chapter 1
Exercise Your Mind (The Supersize Effect) pg. 14

Start Here; Go There

Did you know that the mind is a creative resource? As well, did you know every tangible thing that exists today came from the creation of someone’s mind? Meaning, it, therefore, began with a thought. Why do I ask these questions? Well, if you’re like most people, you probably go about your daily life never thinking about it. It might not have crossed your mind that the computer or laptop you work on, the I-pod or I-pad you use, the car you drive, the clothes you wear, the food you eat, or the chair that you’re sitting in reading this, all started with a thought. It was a thought that someone, somewhere, envisioned one day becoming a reality.

Groove On This:

For finding success in life, it first starts with the thought of knowing what it is you want. Yes, it all starts with you thinking about it. It’s about the ability to be able to visualize yourself achieving your goals. It’s a process I call, “Exercise Your Mind.” Meaning, it’s about putting your mind to good use. Because it is always ready, willing, and waiting to be utilized.

{Motivational Movement Technique}

"Stand with Realisitic Standards and Everything Else Around You Will Rise!"

Chapter 4
Make It Hot Like A Jalapeno! Confess It, Serve It Up

Don’t be Afraid to Ask

Pg. 68
He said, “Excuse me, can I ask you a question?” I said, “Sure!” “How do you think I did in your class?” I said, “You did really well.” I indeed remembered how talented he was. What I remembered and admired about him most was how technically sound (trained) he was. Not to mention his ability to be able to follow my moves quite comfortably. There was another good selling point I thought worked in his favor, and I’m sure all the girls in the room, or the building would have agreed. It was his handsome looks. As one might say, “he was quite easy on the eyes.” Something else: when he danced he exuded masculinity, grace, and strength, which were all fine traits that also had the young ladies heart beat racing. It showed he had a deep passion for dance. Consequently, it was a bit strange, but most delightful, he had all the characteristics that reminded me of myself when I was about his age. (Wink) So, I thought he (in my book) had great potential!
Then he shocked me by asking another question that left me spell bound. He asked, “Joey, please tell me the truth, do you honestly believe a Mexican guy like me could make it as a professional dancer?” I immediately thought,

{Motivational Movement Technique}

"Stop Living Your Live For Others; Start Living Your Own!"

Chapter 5   
Pardon Me Please, Queen D Has Arrived
 Pg. 86
a strong woman like me, who can get just about any man she wants, has been living her life in fear?” “Yes, a woman who now realizes that even all the money in the world can’t buy me what I desire to have the most. That’s the confidence to face and hopefully overcome two of my biggest fears.” “One fear is that I wouldn’t be good enough to be a stage performer. The other is that a strong gal like me lacked the courage to really try. I realize not doing so has made me resentful and bitter. That’s why things must change. I don’t want to live my life this way with ‘what ifs,’ or regrets, by not at least attempting to live my dreams. Therefore, I must give it a try, “I must do this audition!”
Diva Diana reminded me of Jennifer Beal in the movie “Flash Dance” who also was afraid to face her fears, and therefore took it out on her boyfriend. But he recognized it. He made her see, and accept, her own accountability for not pursuing her dream. Well, what happened? Did DD finally trade in her corporate pumps for a groovy pair of Capezio character heels? Would she be able to pull off the audition? Could she be the triple threat: singer, dancer, and actress that the role required? Could her strong, aggressive attitude transform, or translate itself into becoming the Diva and mega talent that would blow the other fifteen girls vying for the role away? Would she be able to take over the stage with such commanding presence and force like she did in the corporate boardroom? Could she ace this audition so easily without thinking about it like she often did with sealing the deal on big corporate accounts?

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