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Win It

Everybody Has A Story, but Will You Tell Yours? And, “WIN IT!”

I believe silence maybe golden at the movie theatre but it’s not necessarily a good thing when it comes to speaking your voice.  I admit each of us has a different walk of life and what may work for one won’t work for another. However, we all go through trials and tribulations that are often more similar than we think. What makes this a realization is when you hear someone tell their story and it seems relatable, or perhaps even leads to an “aha” moment. Because everybody has a story but the question is, “will you tell yours?” Or are you like so many others who will continue to remain in silence?  Due to thinking such things as, “I’d like to tell my story but will anyone care to listen?” Or I’m afraid of being judged so I’ll just keep it to myself, or if I do tell will anyone believe me?

I’m asking this because I believe a story untold is a story unremembered. Meaning, who’ll ever know what you’re going through unless you tell someone? Sure, the thought of doing so sounds scary but not telling your story can have an even bigger consequence. I’ll hold you back from reaping the benefits. What benefits I am I talking about? These! Five Benefits to Telling Your Story. It’ll,

1. Break the chains of silence such as fear, denial etc.
2. Allow Your Voice to be heard.
3. Free You from the weight of the situation and or world.
4. Give others a chance to hear “your truth”.
5. Permit You to Breathe a breath of fresh air now that you’ve let it out.

I personally know how powerful and poignant all five of these are because they were what I experienced when I shared my story.

My story:  We’ve all heard the phrase “life is way too short,” yet it often goes in one ear and out the other. However, I never knew its true meaning until my life was suddenly interrupted. I was faced with a string of unfortunate incidences that anyone of which could have taken me out of “The Game.” Yet I survived, I fought, and I conquered what might have seemed impossible. This video entitled, ”Win It- The Game Isn’t Over” tells my story. Please check it out!

VIDEO LINK: https://youtu.be/XAXFbw_XRvk